Orrarin Yamokgul

“After taking 58 bottles everyday (within 19 days), I felt incredible, freshly, and more energetic. Lost 2.5 kg and my skin is amazing 🙂 Personally, I never eat vegetable, but now I have change my eating behavior (eat less junky food) and attitude toward eating more healthy food. It is a big change for me. Anyways, I look forward to continue monthly maintenance level 2 course ! Can’t stop having this meal . Thanks Jess , Angie and Mona for recommending me such a healthy way to taking care of my body. xoxo”


Saraichatt Kunjara Jirapaet

“My skin is amazingly glowing with no makeup! After 3 weeks of detox jes!! Unbelievable!”



“I have hereditary high blood pressure. Rather than considering medication, I used the Vibrant Juice Perfect Fact program to effectively lower my blood pressure to normal levels. In the process, I also managed to lose 10 kg. I now make juice a normal part of my diet.”

Natalie Ellett

“Feeling fantastic after my 3 day detox. Love the carrot and Beetroot based juices!! Delicious. Best of all, I can notice the difference in how I feel. Definitely want to keep drinking Vibrant juice!! Thanks Jessica xoxo”

Karn Sanguanchen

“After 5 days i’ve lost 1.5 kg ka and 4 more days to go. Thank for vibrant juice ^^ (don’t forget to deliver another lot for me today na ka xoxo”

Piyanuch Tantrakul

“Just finished my first 3 days programme…my rashes disappear and pimples get smaller very fast..Thanks Vibrant juice and i will do it again :)”

Pritsanee Jeab Khid-arn

“This is my first time doing any kind of detox program. I thought it would be difficult but it was so easy with Vibrant juice-on-the-go. The juices are so refreshing and delicious. After a 2-meals 3-days course, my body feels so much lighter already, thanks to Vibrant juice! ♥”


Susanna Pla Pahl

“My father did your Juice Fasting – 3-meal plan for 6 days in a row. He is usually quite healthy already so he did not felt much of the detox / elimination. Meaning not much tormenting during the process. He lost 5 kilos in this 6 days. On the last days he caught a mild cold, but recovered relatively fast and didn’t feel any fatigue. All in all – better immune system and good shape – what more can you ask! Cheers.”

Sarinthip Pichetchote

“Especially that I want to tell you that. It’s very excellent for me because of the allergy from the IVF medicine are decrease ka. Today,I can excrete without any medicine even though a little but I can feel the movement of intestine. So I ready to continue ka”


Nok Apinporn

“Thank you Jess for introducing me to your fantastic juice’s! I’m a month into it now and have noticed lots of changes.. My weight has reduced, my system is clean, and my skin feels wonderful! I will be recommending it to all my friends. :-)”

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